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Organization Blueprint    
Develop an Organization Blueprint, your foundation for all system development work. X X
Create your Mission, Values, Vision Statements. X X
Define your Ideal/Target Customer. X X
Determine what your customers require and expect from you. X X
Create an Employee Survey to know what is important to retain good people. X X
Identify your business strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and the threats you face (SWOT Analysis). X X
Define your marketing an business strategies. X X
Set specific company goals using a Balanced Scorecard tool. X X
Create Organization Charts for your company, departments, locations, etc. X X
Create a framework of systems to build your business upon. X X
Box Theory™ Systems    
Build business systems using the revolutionary Box Theory™ methodology. X X
Determine system development priorities. X X
View essential system information on the system Dashboard. X X
Design system procedures with a Flowchart tool. X X
Easily create and print system Checklists. X X
Identify and manage all components necessary to operate a system. X X
Store re-usable component documents in the Template Manager. X X
Import or export documents from the Box Theory™ Gold database. X X
Perform a Cost-Benefit Analysis on system components before proceeding with development. X X
Assign system team leaders and team members. X X
Create results-oriented Job Descriptions.   X
Define System Policies.   X
Uncover problems in minutes using the 5-Whys Analysis tool.   X
Perform a system Quality Improvement Analysis.   X
Get to the root cause of waste using a Pareto Analysis tool.   X
Improve system efficiency with a Speed Improvement Analysis.   X
Eliminate idle time with a Value-Stream Analysis tool.   X
Create custom Measurement Reports in minutes with the Report Wizard. X X
Track the key performance indicators (KPIs) of your business. X X
View up and down levels of systems and their susbsystems.
Use System Notes to jot down ideas for future improvements. X X
Other Features    
Easily print parts or all of the Organization Blueprint and System Documents. X X
Protect your comapny data with regular automatic backups (multiple copies are retained). X X
Keyword Search your company database and all stored documents. X X
Maintain an unlimited number of categories for  personal and organizational Notes. X X
Access numerous context related help including business principles, video tutorials, software help, real-world examples, brainstorming worksheets, pre-defined lists, and document templates. X X
Create company databases for an unlimited number of organizations (Multi-Company version only).   X
Use Box Theory™ Gold for any type of organization--family, volunteer work, even as a personal organizer. X X
Home Page tools - favorite system links, personal web links, recently opened documents, system performance data, personal notes, calendar, and daily system-building tips. X X

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