Box Theory Business Systems Academy.

Box Theory™ Software Tips (reference email series)

Technical Topics

Installing/Re-installing Box Theory™ eCourse and Software (covered in Product Installation)
Box Theory™ Software Underlying File Structure (Covered in Software Introduction>Help)
Saving, Backing Up and Restoring Your Company Database (Covered in Software Introduction>Help)
Exporting and Importing a System/box (Covered in Software Introduction>Help)
Submit a Bug in Box Theory™ Software (Covered in Software Introduction>Help)
Do You Need Another Free Activation Key? (Not used)

Getting Started

Box Theory Concepts

Software Features and Tips

Box Theory™ Software is a Breakthrough Product! (Software Installation)
Nine Sources of Help in Box Theory™ Software
(Covered in Software Introduction>Help)
Using a Whiteboard and Software Shortcut (Process, Workshop – removed because covered in All About Boxes)
Tips When Writing in Box Theory™ Software (Software Installation)
Your Component Documents (Covered in Software Introduction>Help)
Box Theory™ Software Document Printing Wizard (Covered in Software Introduction>Help)
Expand System Information with the Unique Level-Viewer (Software Introduction, Components)
Define Your System Objectives (Mearurement)
The Measurement Report Wizard (Measurement)
Have You Discovered Box Theory™ Software Worksheets? (Vision, Employee, Balanced Scorecard, Components)
Did You Know (More software features) (where put???)

Software Benefits

Business Owner

Get Good Systems and Good People (two counter-intuitive principles) (covered in Blog article)
“As CEO, I finally get what I am suppossed to do.” (redo Business Owner and put at beginning)
Have You Had a Breakthrough Yet? (Final Word)
This Can Be the Start of Something Big! (redo, maybe don’t use about being done with a time frame)
Focus-Finish-Focus-Finish! (Business Owner and System Framework)