Improve process speed and efficiency to shorten lead-time, accelerate cash flow, and lower operating costs.

Speed Improvement Analysis:
Pinpoint the speedbumps, weak links, and bottlenecks that are reducing speed and efficiency of your business systems!

When you reduce lead-time, cycle time, and idle time of your business systems and processes, the result is higher throughput, more profit, and happier customers.

  • Analyze the business process as a whole and/or individual steps to determine what is causing bottlenecks, delay and inefficiencies that prevent optimal system speed.
  • After describing the specific cause(s) of a problem, write your brief action plan to remedy the problem(s).

Speed Improvement Analysis


Value-Stream Analysis Tool: Analyze the steps of a process to reduce the "delays" that stretch out lead-time and increase costs! (e.g. delays in the delivery of a product or service)

The Value-Stream Analysis focuses on reducing the delay between steps in a process and eliminating steps that do not add value to the customer.

  • Track the actual time it takes to perform each step in a business system or process plus the "non-value-added" activities and idle time between steps.
  • Write an action plan that reduces delay and speeds up the process.
  • The Value-Stream Analysis tool automatically calculates the Process Cycle Efficiency (PCE).
  • Print a time-tracking worksheet for workers to record the time at each step in the process.

Value-Stream Analysis