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Submit a Bug in Box Theory™ Software

While working on Box Theory™ Software, I wanted a way to report bugs to my programmer quickly and easily. He created a “system” for me to do this. When we released the software, I decided to pass it along to you.

Go to the “Help” section on the Main Menu. Select “Submit a Bug.” You will see a Bug Report dialog box with a place to put your comments, suggestions, or any problems that you have encountered. Please be as specific as you can when describing where you were and what you were doing in the software when the bug occurred. If an error message occurs while you are working in the software, you can submit with your email address and we will inform you when the problem is fixed.

At the bottom of the dialog box, you can indicate the priority and your general location in the software. It most cases, the software already knows where you are. If the bug is of a global nature, choose “general.” When you are done, click “Submit.” You must have an Internet connection to send the bug to our server.

If the Bug Report does not send properly, you may have set the Bug Report application file to “Run as an Administrator” (Vista/Windows 7 users), or allow the program to run through your firewall (see Software Installation Instructions pdf/link to latest install instructions March 2020 when product given away FREE)

I am also happy to receive your comments or suggestions as to how we can improve the software and its features.

Thanks for your help in making Box Theory™ Software a better product!
Ron Carroll

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