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There is No Other Way!

I admit that I get a little fired up when people start talking about business systems or processes. A person once said to me, “Yea, that’s one way to build a business.” Hello! Tell me another way. THERE IS NO OTHER WAY!

Everything in the universe works with systems—including your business. You’ve been creating systems all along, even though you may not have realized it. Your systems could be seat-of-the-pants, dysfunctional, and produce lousy results, but they are your systems. Whatever half-baked or remarkable way you get things done is a system.

Knowing this, you also realize that poor systems and processes threaten your very existence as a business. They are responsible for lack of sales, unhappy customers, low productivity, weak profit, and many other daily problems.

If you want to be in business, and you want to succeed, then you need to become a zealous Systems Thinker. You need to elevate your loosey-goosey low-grade systems to customer-pleasing, money-making, high-grade systems.

Focus on one system or processes, and make it happen.

Ron Carroll

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