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Tips When Writing in Box Theory™ Software

Michael Gerber of E-myth Revisited said, “If it’s not in writing, it’s not a system!” Box Theory™ Software is a tool for documenting all your business systems and processes.

We have tried to make writing your Organization Blueprint and System Documents an easy task; much of it is filling in blank fields. Whether you use complete sentences or short phrases is up to you. It will depend on your writing style, what area of the software you are working in, and who you think will eventually read the finished or printed documents.

As you fill out various forms in the software, I recommend you include adequate details to avoid confusion or misunderstanding. For example, in the “Purpose/Description” areas of the program such as the checklist tool, you should include enough information for workers to carry out the tasks without questions.

When writing a description, provide the specific name of the component document workers will use (e.g. “The Job Candidate Interview Form” or the “Quality Control Worksheet”).

If a person is to perform a task in one of your software programs, such as accounting or customer relationship management, refer to the specific area of the software by its actual name (e.g. “The Job Estimating Module,” or the “Employee Personal Profile” section.)

Over time, you will have a lot of detailed information about your business contained within the software. It is better to be thorough as you go rather than having to add more information later. Of course, as systems are improved, you will modify the documentation to reflect “the new best way.” 

Finally, you’ll notice we have included a spell checker that will help you polish your documents for distribution. When you see a red line under a word you’ve typed, the software dictionary thinks it is misspelled. Right-click to see word options, or to add the word to your personal dictionary. You can also turn the dictionary off.

Do your best writing where it counts most!
Ron Carroll

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