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Using a Whiteboard and Software Shortcut

When I’m working with companies, I often begin a new system in a team meeting using a whiteboard. I highly recommend that you read the following article that describes this process.

In the last section of the article, “Proper Tools Reduce Time and Cost,” I mention “you can have a person in the meeting quickly copying the flowchart and component notes from the whiteboard into the software. By the time the meeting is over, the system is well on its way to completion.”

Now that you have the Box Theory™ software, let me expand on this tip.

From within the left Navigation Panel, Flowchart, or Checklist sections of the software, you can right-click on a System/box to immediately “Add Components” to each step in your system. Here you will put the name of the component only while the whiteboard discussion is going on. You don’t have to make a special trip to the Component Manager. Later you will create or acquire the actual components you’ve listed.

Adding components in this way is fast and easy! My assistant (a low-cost college student) can have the system roughed-in and ready to print by the time the meeting ends.

It’s good to involve other people in your system development. I recommend you give this method a try.

I hope your business is going well.
Ron Carroll

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