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Michael Gerber, E-Myth

Michael Gerber

“Organize around business functions, not people. Build systems within each business function. Let systems run the business and people run the systems. People come and go but the systems remain constant.” (E-Myth Revisited).

With Box Theory™ All-In-One Software You Can:

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“We have achieved exceptional results from many Box Theory systems we have put in place. The information is clear and concise, and I discovered how easy it can bel”

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“The software is AMAZING!”


“Thank you for this amazing software. Where were you all these years :)!” (Orlando Salazar., kitchen and bath remodeling).

Can I just say that this is AMAZING!!!! You have to get this out to the business world. I am so glad I found you on the internet.Thank you, this is making my task of creating an operations manual and systems for my business, SO MUCH EASIER!!!” (Nanette D., wellness and weight loss).

“My goodness, how far our company has come since we started using your system and software!” (Roger I., wedding receptions and banquets).

“You have been great to work with!”


“Thank you so much! You’ve really helped me with my business and made a believer out of me when it comes to systems thinking. With your coaching, I now understand how everything works together, what my priorities are, and how to solve problems. The pricing and product packaging systems you helped me with is a big part of my success. And you have been great to work with. Thanks, again!” (Amanda B. CEO, online beauty products).

WOW! The Software Is Great! I’ll be eating this up all weekend. Can’t wait to share results with you. Thanks for the call. (Jay M.)

“Fantastic….thanks so much for your software and all the help and guidance you have provided!” (Brian A., physical fitness supplements).

“One of the top five books I have ever read.”


“Just wanted to share – I have read this entire ebook already and I have to say that it is in the top 5 books I have ever read, and I read A LOT of books. Thanks for sharing your wisdom” (Geoff R., Athletic Performance).

“Thank you so much for this amazing ebook … I really love it and plan to start applying the principles in my business right away” (Rana A.).

“The introduction and forward of the ebook (eCourse) was great. Already I love it. Good writing style, it’s keeping me entertained. So far, it seems like I won’t have trouble staying interested” (Mackalie F., nursery and landscaping).

“I finished the E-Course today,(absolutely fantastic stuff) and just ordered the software a couple minutes ago” (Dave C., installation of wireless towers).

“It has occurred to me while reading The Box Theory ebook, that almost all of the things in here apply to your personal life too. Improving your personal life doesn’t happen by accident either. Sloppy personal systems, sloppy results” (Kimball H.).

“I would also like to wish you great success personally and with  Box Theory Gold.  The course is valuable to any entrepreneur” (Stephen P., international logistics).

“Turned my business around,” “Quandum Leap,” “Indespensible”


“I knew a lot about computers and not so much about how to manage a business. I struggled to make a profit. With the Box Theory software and coaching I learned the right way to run and grow my business. Since improving my inventory system I have started to see a proft. Ron gave me the tools and understanding that really turned my business around” (David C., Business Technologies, national computer sales and service).

“Thanks so much for creating this software which has given my business the ability to take Quantum Leaps that otherwise may have taken another lifetime to hammer out.” (Mark F., serving people with developmental disabilities).

“I am in Box Theory software every day. It keeps me focused on what I can do to improve my several companies (multiple company version). We have created many systems at this point and I find the software indespensible for working on my business operations. I would never want to go back to the old way of doing things” (Gail C., forever an entrepreneur).

“Provides a lot of value,” “Love it!,” Will build a “franchise” with it.

Dallin Haskell“I used the Box Theory software as a major part of my college internship program. I worked without pay for two semesters but provided a lot of value to my employer by defining and documenting the company’s business processes. The software taught me a lot about what it takes to run a good business. I am grateful for the experience and opportunity to learn from this product” (Dallin Haskell, student intern).

“I purchased the Box theory silver from you about two years ago. I love it!” (Jeremiah G., education).

“I am really enjoying the Box Theory Software and know that it is going to help me tremendously with our systems, and eventually being able to franchise the company. I have around 50 hours so far working within the software and look forward to our coaching session” (Michael M., landscaping and lawn care).

“Inspired,” “Excellent,” “Packed,” “Big Fan,” “Impressed with everything”

Matt Edison.jpg

“Holy Cow!  What an absolutely PACKED Newsletter (‘Six Ways to Increase Worker Desire and Capability’). Great stuff at every turn! I remain a big fan of your newsletters as they are quite inspirational and content rich. Thanks for taking the time to produce them each week. You’ve likely heard this before but a collection of your articles would make for a great book” (Matt Edison).

“I have been working through your 10 day e-course. I am very impressed with EVERYTHING you are doing! I would like to use your software as a basis for my consulting business” (Sarah R.).

“A great article Ron…. The solutions such as personalities, ownership, training, work environment, scorekeeping, feedback, recognition and celebration could potentially add massive value to my business. Thank you once again for an inspiring article” (James D., digital marketing, UK).

“This is an excellent volume of your newsletter (‘What New Marketing Systems Could Double Your Sales’).  You always seem to say the common sense stuff BETTER than anyone else! I continue to be a big fan” (Sherry B., marketing consultant).

“This was truly amazing!!! Am an ardent follower of the great wealth of knowledge you are sharing on business systems and development. This was truly Hooah!!!“ (Robert D.).

“Again, I think your “The Systems Thinker Newsletter” is some of the best material in this space I have seen.  You really are terrific with this subject matter.  I think you are absolutely phenomenal and respect you tremendously!  I mean that! ……I read them more than you’ll ever know. You are doing an absolutely fantastic job!” (Calvin C., CEO, commercial appraisal group)

“It is uncanny how spot on your newsletters are” (Mack F.).

Box Theory™ Gold Software: “Brilliant, amazing, magical, must have!”

Muroro_Dziruni-1.jpg“I am now proficient with the Box Theory Gold software and implementing the system tools at my work place. The more I indulge in the Box Theory Way, the more I am amazed by this powerful methodology.

“The real value of the Box theory Way is how it brings together recognised principles from tested best practices such as Six Sigma, Lean Operations, Balanced Scorecard and the Theory of Constraints. My MBA studies did not take such an integrated view of business and rather reinforced a detailed vertical understanding of business functions. The Box Theory Way brings everything together with its emphasis of systems thinking.

“ISO 9001 and 9004 principles have a very strong alignment with Box Theory Way in that they both ensure business systems deliver products and services that are fit for purpose. This puts the Box Theory Way amongst the best business frameworks.

“The more I read the Box Theory Way, the simpler it gets. I use the high performance attributes as a checklist for all the systems and processes that I use in my work and its true power is from its ease of use.

“There is something magical about the Box Theory Way once you get it! Brilliant, amazing, must have!” (Muroro Dziruni, SAMSA, South Africa)

“The answer I’ve been looking for after many years.”


“When I discovered Box Theory Gold, I finally found the answer I was looking for after many years. Box Theory Gold software not only has a way to organize the systems, but also a unique way of assessing what systems to work on first that can have the biggest impact on a business. The tools to build and maximize each system are built right in, and once you have them created, it also provides a framework for measuring and managing those systems.  From the start, Ron was eager to help in any way he could and volunteered several hours on the phone to get me going.

“As an avid believer in Michael Gerber’s book, The E-myth, I started my CPA firm with the belief that everything in business should be systematized.  I created numerous checklists and procedure documents over several years.  Major problems I faced were determining what to do first, how to organize it in a consistent manner and how to provide it to my employees in a way they could understand. Box Theory software solved my problem” (Wade Carpenter, CPA, Carpenter and Company).

“I just love your course, software and lessons. Your course gave me the courage to finally take the plunge and hire two part time people & a college student to help me with my business. . . . Your offer to talk to us complimentary is very kind. Thank you for all you do to help small business owners like myself.  Much appreciated” (Maria F., financial services).

“Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!”


“I had been searching for software that could map out business processes for our clients in a logical way for many years.  Stored in a common area that everyone can access, that would be easy to understand, and follow consistently. We even considered building something ourselves but never got around to finding the time for that.  Then I found Box Theory Gold.

“I knew from the moment I saw it that that Box Theory Gold was exactly the kind software I was looking for.  It is simple enough for anyone to use and understand, so our clients are able to document their business processes, yet flexible enough to handle almost any type of business process mapping I need for my clients.

“We now can provide them a copy of Box Theory Gold with standard processes that most companies use, as samples to begin working with. Training their employee to build upon those and add their specific process is easy to do. Generally is only takes a couple of hours and they are “off to the races”. When they get stuck or don’t understand something, the examples you include helps them “get it” right away.

“Our clients have found the use of Box Theory Gold to be extremely helpful in understanding the impact every process, in every area of their business, has on ensuring happy customers; which leads to more revenue. Our company would not be as effective as we are without your software.

“Our clients now grow predictably, operate with better efficiency, and consistently provide superior service to their customers. This allows them to dominate their competitors and increase sales each day; which makes us look like great consultants.  So again:  Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! (David Brydson, CEO, BestFit Solutions, management consulting company, target client size is 25-100 employees).

“I’m a true-blue believer.”


“My business is a wild animal that Box Theory has helped me tame. In my chaotic world, systems thinking is the only thing that consistently makes sense. It grounds me, helps me see my business as it really is, and makes it easy to understand and solve problems. I’m a true-blue believer.

“Every business owner should use the Box Theory method and software if they want to get the best possible results. I highly recommend it!” (Ryan B., social media and search engine optimizers)

“Box Theory software is very valuable for a business getting started but also has tools for a more established company to reduce costs and run more smoothly. It is a surprisingly versatile and powerful software product for the relatively low cost. I use it every day” (Ron G., manufacturing).

“I shaved 25% off the process time, with a corresponding increase to profit.”

Michael Miller

“We have achieved exceptional results from many Box Theory systems we have put in place, but a perfect example is our PPC Marketing System. Before we created a written system in Box Theory Gold, we had a system that was undocumented. I didn’t realize this was seriously affecting our productivity. Once we documented the systems process, Box Theory gave us a checklist to follow. . . The first time I followed the process myself, just to see if having a checklist could decrease the 8 hours it usually takes me,  I shaved 2 hours off my time. That’s a time savings of 25%!

“For the next client, I had an employee follow the system checklist. It took her 6 hours and 15 minutes. That’s not only a 30% reduction in time spent delivering the service, and a corresponding increase in profit, it also normalized the time required to perform the service.

“Over the last several months, we have found that all our employees are performing the service at the 6 hour mark. Because of Box Theory Gold and the system checklist it produced, there’s no more time wasted trying to remember what to do. I don’t have to answer questions about what to do first, second, etc. and the time it takes to perform the work has decreased significantly … and because I’m still charging the same price for the service, that directly impacts our bottom line.

“By the way, I love Box Theory Gold and your book was enlightening! When I read Michael Gerber’s E-Myth, I thought, “Wow! Systems are the answer!” But he didn’t explain how to use them at all. I honestly don’t know how he wrote 3 or 4 books without ever explaining how to use them. Your information is clear, and concise. You were the one who helped me understand how to put the information to use in my business and how easy it can bel” (Michael Miller, Mindwhirl, Internet marketing and lead generation).

“Real gold,” “Empowering,” “Eye-opener,” “I save every newsletter”

Business Woman

“Wow Ron.Your newsletters are real gold! You are among the few that don’t fill your newsletter with fluff. I always get real value from reading them. Thank you for helping to make us all better” (Sherry B., marketing consultant).

“I find your business systems thinking tools quite empowering” (4 Legacy Consulting, South Africa).

“Great newsletter, keep them coming. Used the break-even spread sheet yesterday and found that my rates have to be $10 an hour higher or I would probably have been in a bit of bother in about 6 months” (Chris P. engineering company).

“Just had a quick skim of your article this month, and it is of your usual high standard in terms of eloquence, intelligence and interest value. Thanks Ron” (Jo, marketing company, Australia).

“Just wanted to share that your box theory teachings is amazing stuff. So much knowledge, wisdom and experience in it” (David Carrizosa, mobile phone stores).

“Thanks so much for this very inspiring message; am customizing it to share with colleagues here in Uganda. You have been a truly rich blessing to me this year. Your regular posts have made me wiser and certainly richer as I have vigilantly applied the principles through my professional and private life. Thank you so much” (Robert D., energy coordinator).

“Mr. Ron, I must say thanks you for the skills, knowledge, experience, expertise you have combined and shared in this package. I feel I’m going to stay ahead of the curve when I launch my business next year by absorbing the concepts within this program. . . . . . First I thought the price is a bit high (compared the standard of living here in Cambodia). Now it occurs to me that I would miss a golden opportunity if I ignore this Box Theory product” (Sareth C, Cambodia).

“This article is great (‘Cost Reduction: Make Your Products and Services Better, Faster, Cheaper!’), as I currently am having challenges minimizing costs in my company” (Rick M.).

“I can’t take it anymore! I find out you have this amazing way of thinking and I work for a company that is in denial. I want to work for a company that has the beliefs you do. Is this possible? Are they out there? I guess what I am asking you is… Are there companies who actually have your way of thinking? I would love to find one. You are amazing and I really appreciate reading your emails. It has given me hope” (Laura Pomeroy).

“I enjoy your emails and save every one” (Hugh O.).

“hi ron your 10-day mini-course is just superb it was a real eye opener on the importance of systems. i have been reading them again and again and each time i gain a new insight on systems. thanks a lot ron” (rajesh r.).

“Inspirational, “Logical,” “Genious,” “Systems now top priority”

Nick Stewart.jpg

“I started my company twenty-five years ago. I thought I understood the business pretty well, and I thought I understood systems. This information opened a whole new world to me. Creating ‘high-performance’ systems is now my top priority. Wow!” (Nick Stewart, Tai Pan Trading, home decor retailer)

“I have been reading your information daily, and love it (Free Mini-Course, ‘Fast Start to Systems Thinking’). I see it as the only logical way to do business. Your fast-start e-mails are good in that I can learn something new each day, then dwell on it” (Mackalie F., nursery and landscaping business).

“This article really hits home and is so true (‘5 Ideas to Jump-Start Your Business System Development’). You might find it interesting that I have hired myself out as VP Systems once a day to a manufacturer and I do just what you advocate; lead weekly Continuous Improvement Project meetings, weekly machine tours looking for ways to improve safety, quality, schedule, rate, and waste, reduce all improvements to aircraft styled checklists to lock in the improvement, and have operators planning and evaluating their shift’s performance.  It’s taken a while to get momentum going but now we’re starting to see a payoff. Your emails let me know I’m headed in the right direction” (Matt E., systems consultant).

“Thank so much Ron for the inspirational messages. Just for your information, our organization had an engagement with the media and some government departments.  The meetings went very well as my team members tried to practice the things we have learned from your articles. Your expert advice gave us the ability to impress our prospective customers. I look forward to receiving more articles so we can improve our services and strengthen our partnerships. Many thanks” (Kelly K.).

“Thank you for your kind support and the valuable information you have been sending” (Salma S).

“Ron carroll you are a genius (‘Vegetables, Exercise and Business Systems’). I really appreciate you soooo much. Thank you and God bless you” (reality dream).

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