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Your Component Documents

One of the unique features of Box Theory™ Software is its ability to manage all your component documents. Currently, the software officially supports Microsoft Office and Open Office products; however, you can easily import other document types and run them from within Box Theory™ Software.

When importing documents, you should avoid bringing large multi-media files into your company database. These files often exceed computer memory and will abort, or if they do import, will bloat the database and slow performance. Simply put, your Box Theory™ company database can handle standard business document files—even large ones—without a problem, but don’t bog it down with extra-large media files.

If you do have a large file that you want to associate with a system, you can right-click from within the Component Manager and create a link to the file. The document will load and run from within the Component Manager just like your other documents; however, it will not be saved inside your company database (.btg file), only on your hard drive. In the Component Manager, a linked file name is followed by “(link).”

One more thing: In a typical business system, you may have several documents you would print as part of the “System Document” such as forms, reports, and so forth. These documents are often given to workers to carry out their jobs. However, many documents listed in the Component Manager are likely to be a resource or supporting information you don’t want to print as part of the System Document. For those documents that you want printed, check the box, “Include when Printing System Document” in the “Edit Component Info.”

OK, just one more thing: Document files in Box Theory™ Software must have unique names, even if the document is used in a different business system. If you are attempting to name a file that is already in your company database, you will be prompted to give it a new name or slight variation.

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