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Your Foundation for System Development!

As you know, the primary purpose of Box Theory™ software is to develop your business systems and processes. And I’ll bet you are getting anxious to tackle that first system.

However, it is important that you first have a clear understanding of who you are, where you are going, and specifically how you are going to get there.

That is the purpose of completing the 10-step Organization Blueprint. This exercise will later enable you to align your business systems with the mission, strategy, and goals of your organization.

By completing the ten foundational steps of the Organization Blueprint, you will better understand what your stakeholders want from the business, who your customers are and what they expect from you, and what is important to retain your key employees. You will also come to understand your business strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and the threats your organization may face. From this knowledge, you will formulate your unique business strategy and set measurable goals.

Finally, you will create an organization chart and identify your key business activities—the systems and processes that make your business unique. At the end of these foundational steps, your priorities will be set; you will be ready to tackle your first business system.

By the way, even if you have an established business, I recommend that you do this exercise and update it at least annually. The Organization Blueprint contains simplified principles taught by business colleges, and which are applied by large and successful companies. These same principles will also benefit YOU!

Happy Planning!
Ron Carroll

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